5 Benefits of Video Conferencing

5 Benefits of Video Conferencing

Are you a small business, looking for cost-effective way to market your product? Are you the one running a niche related blog and want to improve viewership? Are you not happy with your employees’ productivity in promoting your business online? Are you a multi-national faced with inconsistency in performance, and want effective solution to bring everyone on the same page? Do you want to grow your business beyond geographical barriers, and need a tool that can help you reach worldwide customers? For all these questions, there is only one answer – video conferencing.

Why Video Conferencing

  • Video conferencing offers the opportunity to host or attend business meetings using a computer and Internet service.
  • Many small, medium and large companies are using video conferencing to conduct internal meetings with employees who are not physically all in one location.
  • Businesses are also using video conferencing to hold external meetings with prospects and clients.

Video conferencing service benefits businesses by saving time, money and company resources for holding meetings, conferences, training sessions and more. You can consult Resolve Video Conferencing Solution to have more information on conducting your trainings and webinars.

1. Increases Work Efficiency

Scheduling meetings typically takes more work than simply inviting or mandating attendees. If you’re the host, you have to book a conference room, plan the agenda and in some cases order catering and more. Video conferencing eliminates all of these booking needs, which means putting together a meeting is faster and easier than face-to-face meetings.

2. Flexible

It can be difficult to hold an impromptu meeting when the people you need to meet with are not local. Video conferencing provides more flexibility. Typically, you send an email invitation or pick up the phone to alert attendees of the video conference. Within minutes, attendees can log into the web conference system and the meeting starts.

3. Saves on Travel Cost and Time

Prior to video conferencing in business, if you wanted to bring together a sales team spread out across the country or meet face-to-face with a client who lives out of town, you (or they) had to travel. Not only can travel be expensive but it also takes time. Video conferencing saves businesses time and money. Within a few minutes, meeting attendees can log on to the meeting without wasting time at the airport or spending money on a ticket. Even if the business pays for a video conferencing service, it is typically less expensive than travel expenses.

4. Increases Engagement

Video conferencing allows the host to upload slides and other graphics, too. With the audio and visual components of holding a web conference, the format helps to increase the engagement level of the conference attendees.

5. Eliminates Geographic Barriers

Since anyone with an Internet connection and computer can attend a web conference, web conferencing eliminates geographic barriers of all kinds. Web conferencing opens up possibilities for communication with employees and customers worldwide.


Video conferencing is far more effective than emails, promotional letters, e-brochures and other related tools. Initial cost may be high, but when you get a move on, you’ll find this tool better than any other marketing tool.