5 Questions That Must BeAnswered Before Drupal To WordPress Migration


A lot of owners decide to convert their websites from other formats like Drupal to WordPress without giving due consideration to the various factors that affect the process of migration. It is vital to assess the impact of the change and make a plan before engaging an agency that provides Drupal to WordPress services for conversion. A set of important questions which must be addressed by any owner before hiring a professional to convert Drupal to WordPress is being presented here.

  • What Is The Objective Of The Migration?

It is necessary for a person to identify the reasons behind thinking of switching the platform of a virtual interface as only then the complete requirements of the new project can be identified and listed. What were the factors that encouraged the user to build the existing interface on Drupal and what has changed since then that is motivating him/her to consider migration is a question that must be answered right at the beginning. The reasons can range from comparatively better user- friendliness of the new platform, its cost- effectiveness or any other convenience offered by it. The process of conversion will require monetary investment and therefore it is essential to understand how relevant or pertinent the move will be for the portal as well as its owner.

  •  Have You Identified The Correct Approach For Designing The WordPress Theme?

WordPress websites are created with the help of the platform’s feature of themes which are available for free as well as at a price. Most users also opt for development of custom WordPress themes which makes it necessary to identify the most appropriate and correct approach for obtaining one. Any person who has found the answer to the first query of this list will be in a good position to answer this one as he/she will be in possession of useful information like does the appearance of the new interface will be modified completely or should it be based on the existing Drupal website. In case, the performance of the interface is exceptional, an owner would not wish to change the look or functionality apart from a few minor modifications.

  •  Is There A Plan For Creating And Saving Backups

The process of shifting from Drupal to WordPress is a technical one and things can go wrong any time which makes having a plan for the possibility, a mandatory requirement. Gather all the important information like the database parameters which can be acquired by accessing the settings.php file of the core files of the Drupal installation. All the content must also be backed up at a secure location so that it remains unharmed in case of the occurrence of any technical error.

  • Has The Impact On The Website’s SEO Been Assessed?

Most people make the decision for transferring their interface to WordPress for enjoying its enormous SEO capabilities. The open source platform is undoubtedly one of the best frameworks for building a website with inherent optimization features but even then it is necessary to assess the impact of the change on a website’s SEO before starting the process of migration. The user must decide whether the domain name needs to be changed or not because both scenarios need some effort so that visitors are not lost and there is no fall in the SERP rankings. The URL structure must be configured according to the new platform if the domain name is retained and an efficient system of permanent redirects must be in place if it is changed.

  •  How Aware Are You About Features Of WordPress?

Even if you are hiring professional help, it is sensible to learn about the platform to which your interface is being switched. Take some time to understand the functioning of the CMS in addition to learning about its basic features. It will be useful to engage a professional to educate about the basics of the framework before you embark on the process of conversion. The owner must know how to carry out simple functions and make changes using the tools provided with the platform as it is not feasible to engage experts every time a problem arises.

  • Conclusion

Any project for migrating from Drupal to WordPress can be completed successfully if a comprehensive blueprint is prepared after detailed analysis of the existing interface as well as the notable features of both the platforms. These questions will help prepare an owner in moving to the open source CMS and acquiring a more productive website.

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