5 Reasons To Use Sms Marketing

5 Reasons To Use Sms Marketing

Although marketing through cellphones, or simply SMS marketing, started to gain popularity in early 2000’s, this powerful tool is still somewhat underappreciated. If you haven’t yet incorporated SMS marketing into your business strategy, this article is for you. We are confident that the following 5 reasons to start using SMS marketing will convince you to try reaching your audience via SMS. The results will amaze you, we promise.

SMS marketing is affordable.

The nature of SMS marketing allows you to reach large pools of customers for a fraction of a cost of some other forms of promotional materials. The cost per SMS may sound high until you factor in percentage opened, number of impressions, and conversions. The technology exists and your customers already use it, all you need to do is start your SMS marketing campaign.

SMS marketing doesn’t go unnoticed.

Compared to emails or phone calls, text messages have an extremely high open rate. In the age of instant communication, people don’t let go of their beloved smartphones even for a second and promptly respond to all push notifications and beeps without much thinking. In some cases, SMS messages even open automatically. Themath is definitely favorable for SMS marketing.It is estimated that up to 97% of targeted messages will get seen, depending on an industry.

SMS marketing has a high conversion rate.

Recent statistical data reveals that SMS marketing has a mind blowing conversion rate of almost 25%. That’s right – at least 1 out of 4 SMS recipients will likely become your customers after reading that little message on their smartphone screens! Compare it to email marketing, where the maximum conversion rate revolves around 10% (and it’s the best case scenario, mind you) – and you have another solid reason to try SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is reliable.

On the way to your customers, SMS messages don’t have to pass endless spam catchers and email filters, or rely on postal services. You don’t have to hold your breath and hope for the best when the campaign launches. SMS marketing is one of the most direct and reliable shortcuts to reach your potential clients.

SMS marketing is personal.

None of the above would matter if the customers were strongly againstyou using SMS for marketing purposes. Luckily, it seems to be the opposite – as you are able to design personal messages highly related to the values of your target group, people don’t really mind receiving these texts. It’s also very appealing to certain demographic groups that instead of spamming them with flyers you are keeping up with the latest technology advancements. The SMS marketing approach places you way ahead of many competitors in the eyes of the next generations of clients.

We hope that after reading our tips you will definitely give SMS marketing a go in the nearest future. AvidMobile (https://www.avidmobile.com/) advises to keep your messages short and on-point, respect your customers’ needs and don’t overuse SMS messaging. You are set for success!