Configuration Management Software

Management Software

Endpoint Configuration Management Software

This software makes easier process of informing every employee about any announcements or results of work, and as Action1 made their Action1 endpoint management solution, they were able to help streamline IT workflows and ensure your IT assets are protected against cyberattacks while procedures are compliant with industry standards and especially regulation. which partakes the part of business as trustworthy business for customers or consumers that are entering or even viewing the business.

Processes Of Endpoint Configuration Management Software That Is Being Done

These processes are moved in the Action1 endpoint management solution.

  • Run Actions – it is run an install software, command force update in windows or to perform actions in all your bulk endpoints.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Ensure your endpoints meet regulatory compliance requirements in PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, ISO 27001, GLBA, GDPR and lot more.
  • Configuration of Endpoints – Getting detailed information on your endpoints. Installed OS, event logs, environment variables, applied Group Policies and other Windows configuration settings available to you in an instant
  • Local users and groups – Get a list of users locally, groups, membership and logged in users at all your endpoints across the business.
  • USB Devices and other Removable Media – Get information on USB storage media, SD readers and other USB devices usage on the computers
  • Network Activity and settings – Review active TCP or IP connections, IP routing tables, adapter configuration, exposed and connected shared network, TCP or IP settings and other network information

Management Software

  • Information in runtime -Investigate malicious processes, CPU utilization and other runtime information.
  • File search and folders – Search for a specific file or folder across all endpoints.
  • Disks Division and Volumes – Get information on disks, partitions and volumes.
  • Action1’s Main Application -Learn about the applications that built natively in the Action1 Platform to render the purpose, functionality for a patch management, privilege management, software deployment , computer power management and more.

And by signing up to, you will be having the privilege of having free ecm tool that can help you to manage your business and even protect your customers with care and build Hacker free environment, in which your customer won’t be having worries about their personal detail, because you don’t have a secure system. And as Action1 specialize their platform for you can’t relieve your worries away as well for the security of your business and continuously growing.