How To Grow Your Small Business Using Instagram?

How To Grow Your Small Business Using Instagram?

Running a small business and making it a success is quite a tough task. Unlike big businesses, the resources for small businesses are not that enough and managing limited budget and limited resources is often a tiring task. Moreover, the growth opportunities for small businesses is also less as compared to the large businesses.

Social media has given tremendous growth opportunities not only to big businesses but also to the small businesses. Instagram is giving a whole new level of growth to the small businesses without the consumption of much resources. You can use instagram for sharing of photos, videos and live stories in order to make your business a great success. You can also use some specific features to optimize instagram to grow your business and complete your business goals.

Why Businesses Are Turning to Instagram?


It is quite evident that the modern large and small businesses are turning towards social media like instagram to mark success and to gain profits. But exactly why businesses are turning towards instagram? Well, there are different reasons for that.

  • First of all, instagram is a community of more than 300 million people. The gathering of such a mass people on a single platform gives more opportunities to the businesses to reach potential customers.
  • More than 700 million people are uploaded on instagram every day which means that there is a great opportunity for the businesses to use tools like hashtags to get customer attention with photos and videos easily.
  • The instagram is absolutely free to join. The small business owners who cannot afford to pay for expensive marketing strategies can easily use instagram for product promotions and business gains.
  • This platform works 24 hours a day and unlike websites, customers can order anything at any time of the day. This gives business the flexibility to handle more orders and thus increase sales and profits.
  • Instagram is an amazing social media platform to reach out the customers and to increase product awareness and services.
  • People reads comments on the photos and videos of the business products and after reading that, they make up their mind to buy the products. Therefore comments give the businesses an opportunity to get customer attention through comments. So the comments on Instagram are quite useful.
  • Increasing business brand recognition is also quite easy with the use of instagram and tagging helps in that.