Spectrum Mobile Packages

Spectrum Mobile Packages

Tell us something, when you hear the name Spectrum, what comes to your mind, Cable TV? Internet Service Provider? We knew it. The big internet giant, Spectrum has now decided to enter in to the mobile phone servicing market and we feel that it is going to become the next big thing.

If you are indeed interested in getting to know more about Spectrum the company and all their Cable TV, Internet and mobile phone plans and packages, then simply check out spectrum customer service.

What We Like About Spectrum Mobile

Flexible and Reliable Gigabit Options

Just saying, this option is extremely beneficial for those consumers that like to keep an eye on their spending and like to manage things with an eye like a microscope. When you get with the flexible and reliable gigabit options is that if you only have an internet data requirement of less than 4 GB of data, then this option is quite beneficial for you as you would be left better of paying only $14.00 per Gigabit, however, if you are a user that tends to consumer data in excess of 4 + GB, then sadly this option is not meant for and the reason is simple, mathematics. If you calculate the amount you would be paying i.e. $14.00 per gigabit, then you would essentially be paying more than the unlimited plan, so would you opt for this in the first place, you need to assess your requirements accordingly.

Overall Great Network Coverage

To start off, having a decent network coverage just is not good enough anymore. With crime rates being as high as they are now, increasing reliability on internet and cellular networks and an ever dependent society on using the internet to move from one place to the other, like one user using or utilizing Google Maps to get from one place to another. The importance of having a great and workable network coverage has never been as important.

So now we bring to you the good news, have you heard about Verizon? Of course you have. Verizon has one of the strongest networks in the country and the company has cell towers that offer 4G LTE coverage even in areas that are not that populated like the rural areas of the country.

Discounting Opportunities You Can Not Miss Out On

As consumers ourselves, we have one specific thing that really excites us. Excites us to the core and beyond, we lot are unpredictable and unique. In our opinion, there has never been a more versatile consumer base, then the one that currently exists in the world all over.

When it comes to offering discounting opportunities a lot of Mobile Virtual Network Operators like our very own Spectrum are a no show when it comes to offering perks to their loyal consumers. However, things are not as bad as they seem. Spectrum does indeed offer a lot of extensive and additional benefits to its loyal consumer base.

Things We Do Not Like About Spectrum Mobile

You Must Already Be A Spectrum Customer

One thing that we absolutely have an issue with is that you can only be applicable or in fact apply for the Spectrum Mobile options if you are an already existing customer of the internet service provider that means that you cannot be a customer of the Spectrum mobile service if you have not applied for the internet service that Spectrum offers. This specific obstacle really hinders the company’s chances of grasping a larger chunk of the market but to each their own we guess.

Moreover, if you are indeed applicable for the mobile service, you must ask yourself, whether or not you want to link or use the same mobile service as the internet connection that you have applied for or subscribed to as your household internet connection.

Very Limited Options When It Comes To Plans

Spectrum Mobile Packages

When it comes to mobile internet, we see that many individuals in the United States have a lot of distinct options and variations. These distinct variations or even diversity, if you choose to call it as such, is because the United States hosts individuals or consumers that have become accustomed to having a lot of options at their disposal and we back them up for this. If you are spending top dollar on a product or service, regardless of what the amount is you should get the very best treatment in terms of delivering of service or especially customer service.

Major companies or competitors to Spectrum Mobile, companies like AT&T and T-Mobile have on display for their valued customer’s tons of unlimited data plans. In fact, many Mobile Virtual Network Operators are indeed offering distinct data plans that lie in the mid ranges. Coming back to the main topic, Spectrum mobile has only two plans on offer, the Unlimited and the big one, the Gigabit one.

However, if you are a customer who is not looking for these things and is just interested in having other or in fact just a bit more variety, then go ahead and look in to other possible options.