What Makes You Choose Calendar bot- Raid Helper?

What Makes You Choose Calendar bot- Raid Helper?

Raid Helper is actually a very powerful Discord bot that allows connection with the google calendar so to seamlessly discord in various ways and fashion. A formidable bot with a wide range of features that helps one to organize all the events for Discord is Raid Helper.. With superior features being  part of it, Raid Helper is an ultimate bot for calendar. The reason why Raid Helper is preferred over other calendar bots is the advancement that resides in it and makes it superior over other calendar bots. It is known to put into organization all the events, archiving, logging, polls, reminders, customization, etc.  Raid Helper is more focused on MMO’S and a wide variety of features in administration wait for the users free. Raid Helper has a ton of useful features that can already track attendance and more.

Why Raid Helper?

Raid Helper is one of the best discord calendar bots on account of the features it holds in itself. Build like the best teams on the planet by making use of Raid Helper. Gone are the days of using third-party websites to organize your guild events, you can do it all within Discord now. Seamlessly update permissions and add new users as you build, whether you’re on a team of two or two thousand. Make it easy for project managers and developers to coordinate, track, and update their work in one place, so projects stay on schedule. Scan your dependencies automatically. When a vulnerability is found, we’ll open a pull request with suggested fixes.

Exclusive Features of Raid Helper

The most exclusive and exquisite features that Raid Helper possesses and one that makes it quite uniquely and different from other discord calendar bots includes to customize the displayed data format, edit all the properties of an event. Add image to the embed event, show reset timers for classic 20 raids of man, mention at creation of events, set limits to sign ups, classes or roles, premium custom templates, etc. The auto update with premium of server’s event overview is also an exclusive feature of raid helper that makes it quite different from all the other calendar bots. Try this discord bot right away to know about the finest features that it offers.