Which Browser To Choose Between Firefox And Chrome

Firefox And Chrome

For a while, Chrome was indeed the best browser, but these days have passed a long time ago. Other browsers, meanwhile, have figured out which are their biggest flaws, corrected them, and in our opinion https://www.syntax.com/, Chrome is over. We used to say that Chrome is “the best”, but today you can be more satisfied with other browsers.

By sharing the search engine market, Firefox is Chrome’s biggest competitor if we ignore the Internet Explorer (which is unacceptably used in the business environment). And during the past year, the use of Firefox has grown considerably.

Why are people coming back to Firefox? Is it time to switch? Here are a few reasons that can convince you.

  • Firefox is better for longer battery life

Many people say that Chrome is faster than Firefox, and this is not true. From version 57, Firefox Quantum, on average, in 0.4 seconds faster displays web pages from Chrome. And while Chrome uses more CPUs than Firefox. With greater CPU engagement, data processing is faster, but this results in a much faster discharge of batteries on laptops, mobile phones and tablets. And since since version 57, Firefox faster than Chrome, there is nothing to justify that much battery consumption by Chrome.

Microsoft a comparative test of power consumption of the browser

According to Microsoft, data collected from millions of Windows users10 show that Firefox uses about 31% less energy than Chrome in the real world. If you are on a laptop, it means significantly longer usage between charging needs.

  • Firefox is better for users who use many open tabs

Two things are immediately obvious. First, Chrome actually uses less RAM than Firefox when you do not have many open tabs. Second, Firefox optimizes RAM consumption much better than Chrome when you open up to eight tabs and more. If you are a required user like us and you regularly have 20 or more tabs open, Firefox is clearly winning.

  • Firefox has the option to permanently turn on tracking protection

Both Chrome and Firefox have been offering protection for incognito mode for two years now, but Firefox has now offered it to its users in standard mode. Mozilla has posted on its blog that Firefox users can turn on the Opt-in Tracking Protection option in standard mode, which, in addition to protecting privacy, results in much faster page loading.

Chrome web page loading speed

Instructions on how to permanently turn on tracking protection in Firefox:

  • Firefox is fully Open source

Both Chrome and Firefox are running as open source software, but there is a huge difference between them. Chrome is fully developed and controlled by Google, which gives the whole Chrome browser for public insight and use, while Firefox develops Mozilla Corporation in cooperation with the entire web community. Google secretly decides what will be implemented in Chrome, while Firefox’s development path is completely public and influenced by the entire community involved in the development.
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