Why POPI Act Compliance Makes Good Business Sense

Why POPI Act Compliance Makes Good Business Sense

Having come into force back on the 1st July, the Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 (or POPI Act), placed businesses under growing pressure to assess where personal information is being used, and to identify cybersecurity threats and weaknesses that could compromise the integrity of the data. Assessments were carried out by professional IT security service providers and businesses began implementing preventative measures to minimize any cyber security threats identified by the assessment.

However, with or without the new need for POPI Act compliance, implementing sound data management practices and processes within your business simply makes good business sense, and knowing what data you have, why you have it and what you do with it, can provide you with invaluable insight to your business and cybersecurity as a whole, while strengthening consumer trust.

Why POPI Act Compliance Makes Such Good Business Sense:

Whether your business is a new venture, has been around for years, or is large or small, you should be busy identifying personal information that you collect, who it comes from and where it is stored, while continuously reviewing, and where necessary, upgrading, the communication tools you use, considering data subject rights and ensuring your cybersecurity strategy is up to date. All of these steps are conducive to the success of any business, and when you figure in POPI Act compliance, you’ve got a well-rounded, balanced and strong set of business objectives that your customers will feel confident supporting.

Simply put, any business that takes POPI Act compliance and cybersecurity seriously, stands to fare better than those who do not, and it absolutely makes great business sense to invest in it.

The Importance Of Engaging With Cybersecurity Experts:

Remaining compliant and vigilant against potential threats to your business’s cybersecurity is essential if you’re to fulfil not only your legal obligations and requirements, but those of your customers and supporters. When you engage with a professional cybersecurity IT company, they will help ensure that you don’t become the next prime target for online criminals by putting a robust IT system in place and helping you to maintain it to minimize threats. Not only that, but they’ll make sure that you’re always in line with POPI Act compliance, and can maintain the integrity and confidentiality of all data by preventing its loss, damage and unauthorized access.

With data breaches on the rise globally, make sure your business is as secure as it can be, and that all personal information is stored safely, by seeking professional help; it’s a small price to pay when you consider the potentially costly consequences.

Strengthen Your Reputation with POPI Act Compliance:

While the financial costs associated with a security breach can be devastating for businesses, nothing is more costly than the damage it can have on your reputation. With consumers having more options than ever before, competition is fierce, and even the perceived threat to cybersecurity could see them going somewhere more secure to find what they’re looking for.

Can your business afford to lose them?  

With little room for error nowadays, businesses must ensure that they have POPI Act compliance, and take serious measures to enhance and strengthen their cybersecurity strategies; anything less simply doesn’t make good business sense.