Zodiac Signs And How They Would Use Technology

Zodiac Signs And How They Would Use Technology

Technology plays a major role in our lives. From our work, social life, dating life, to shopping, studies, and literally everything, we are part of it in some form.

Based on the personalities of different zodiac, let’s see how each sign uses and engage themselves with technology.


We know Aries. These individuals are full of adventure and activity. Their instagram and facebook handles are probably filled with their travel diaries and exciting activities. Pictures of their adventures to the mountains, their paragliding and their skydiving experiences.

They are born leaders and motivators and you can find them posting and texting positive and motivational quotes.

And they will definitely have fun using these dating apps as they are flirtatious in nature and always on the move.


Taurus have fondness for little and pretty things. Their instagram handles will be something that can soothe your eyes. Lots of flowers, colours and pretty pictures.

They would love to sit in comfy sofas and binge watch their favourite series.

They are really good with finances, and can see them using their natural abilities to learn more about stock markets and getting involved in online businesses.


Gemini’s are fun, witty and outgoing. They would love making videos and might enjoy being on tik tok. Funny videos and memes are their things.

They love to communicate, and can find them catching up with long lost school friends, busy in their whatsapp.

They are going to have fun using so many interesting apps out there, always busy on their mobile devices entertaining themselves.


Cancers’ are calm and gentle souls.

They are most likely to sit in their cozy corners, watching their favourite movies or reading their favourite books probably with something warm to drink.

Cute pictures with their friends and loved one’s fills their timeline.

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They would love to involve themselves in services in which they can take part like online teaching, social awareness etc.


Leo’s are positive thinking, great motivators and natural leaders. They would love to use their social media to spread positivity and share their opinions regarding things that matters. You would find them following a lot of social media motivators, ted talks, famous leaders and politicians as they inspire them.

They love being in the spotlight, so most probably a lot of selfies and chic pictures of themselves.

Online shopping is like blessings for these guys.


Virgo’s are perfectionist’s with a knack for details. They love organising and it’s quite evident that they would enjoy using calendars, to-do lists and various productivity apps.

You can probably catch most of them walking around with a kindle around their arms.

And they are very good at not getting too much on online shopping and can save quite a good money there.


Libra’s are very social and would love to call friends over for Friday nights, for movie binge watching, playing games and having fun together. Instagram and Facebook handles reflect their pretty active social life.

They are romantic lovers and would enjoy watching rom coms with their partners. Online shopping and spending on gifts for the bae’s are one of their favourite past times.


Scorpio’s are curious and drawn to mystery and wonder. They would likely indulge themselves in interesting documentaries, indie films, ted talks, podcasts and anything that draws their attention.

They love to use apps and games that stimulate them mentally and intellectually.


Sagittarius like their fellow fire signs, loves adventure. Google maps must be their best friend. Travelling and exploring new places, and then again researching and planning for the next adventure, this is where they might spend most of their time.


Capricorn’s are serious, hard-working and pragmatic people. They are smart and would avoid mindless scrolling of their social media pages.

Serious workaholics, they use technology to support them in their work, so that they can be more organized and efficient.

Their social media accounts can be a little boring and they wouldn’t mind that as well.


Aquarius are known for their intellect and out-of-the box attitude. They would love going through pages and researches about our mystical universe, conspiracy theories, secret societies and worldly wonders.

Documentaries are their favourite things.

If there’s anything out there on the internet that excites them intellectually, it gives them the adrenaline.


Pisces are calm and collected. They love their alone time.

Anything they do, even the mindless surfing, they do it very peacefully, without any hustle.

Music, movies, books, online shopping and anything. They can indulge themselves in anything and enjoy their time.