Liferay Portal – Offers The Best Open Source Platform For Enterprise Customers

Liferay Portal – Offers The Best Open Source Platform For Enterprise Customers

In today’s age, with the growing advancement of various open source technologies, website development has become a child’s play. This is especially true when some of these platforms have the capability to bring your portal live in just few minutes.

You may argue that custom development plug-ins and API is the answer. You are partially right as it can give you the same result, but here the timeline will be a major factor. This is the place where you require a digital swiss knife, and this can be Liferay portal. It is basically an open source platform that can deliver anything you require while making your application’s future safe. Here, we are actually talking about life ray portal – an open source platform.

Liferay portal development – high scalability, functions and secures portals

Portal Liferay has got its place as an enterprise product. It is truly a feature rich platform that completely automates the developmental process. The modular design of this platform mainly emphasises on contents where the framework ensures smooth and rich user experience- not only for the desktop users but also for smartphone users.

For enterprise mobile application development, portal liferay brings in immense functionalities and capabilities for proper execution of months’ works in days. It uses customized workflow system. It is an extremely easy to integrate portal where developers can easily implement state of the art functionalities and designs. And the best part of it is that it performs a number of functions such as- social media interaction, digital asset management and the like. It is basically a growth engine available at an unbelievable price for the enterprise customers.

Besides these features, it has set itself apart with the right balance of practical functionality, usability, and technical invention.

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What are the high-level features of Liferay portal?

  • Flexible enterprise integration framework
  • Simple UI development
  • Rules engine integration
  • SOA framework
  • Highly improved content delivery framework
  • Single configuration system
  • Dynamic drag and drop system
  • User-driven approval and workflow
  • Highly effective content management system
  • Multi-language support system
  • Open groups and organisations
  • Highly effective out of the box tools

What are the most demanding and popular features of Liferay portal?

There are some primary features of portal Liferay that make them popular among businesses. These are as follows:

Flexible integration framework for enterprise

It offers simplified external and internal websites for different users. It uses various presentation layers for businesses.

Provides secure signal sign on

It integrates different systems for end users where they can easily access to various applications by logging secure single sign on.

Initiate custom field

The administrator has the authority to edit, add and customize attributes of the users’ directly through portal liferay without modifying or assessing the company’s database.

Portal performance monitoring system

It offers a set of performance monitoring or assessing tools to the manufacturers.

Apart from all these features, there are some other new features recently added to this tool

  • Search and tagging
  • Desktop compatibility
  • Multi-language support service

Therefore, if you would like to develop an application, choose Liferay portal to avail all these features or advantages.

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