What Makes A Good Web Design Look Good

What Makes A Good Web Design Look Good

Web designing is a process of creating and a site using internet programming code, images, and another element which can be useful in a particular site depending on the niche. There are factors that you need to learn in order for you to produce a website. There are also procedures, techniques, and planning that you need to consider for you to make the most out of your time and skills.



HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is the foundation of web designing. For people who understand programming like the Javascript, for them, this programming language is a piece cake. The language is used for constructing a good website. While, the CSS is another language which is basically needed when designing an online site. This language is used for modifying the appearance of the site, the style, and the overall layout.


The navigation of the site is another important factor a web design Italy specialist has to consider. If the site, however, has a very complex navigation system, it affects not just the website but how the impression of the live audiences.

Good design

The quality of a website and how it is presented to the live audience can make an impact. Good design includes proper use of fonts, graphics, the content, advertising, and images.

Fonts – using simple font size and style is highly recommended rather than using sophisticated font size. Font styles like Calibri, Verdana and Times New Romans are some of the simplest font style available.

If your website is all about a business selling products or so, then these fonts keep your site presentable. Yet, the use of stylish font styles will vary depending on the niches. A good example for that is when your website is all about birthday party accommodations. Ideally, you can use Curlz or Comic font styles making the entire atmosphere lively.

Graphics – This is one of the most vital parts of web designing. Some designers really want to emphasize that they are good at graphic designs. However, keeping it simple rather than stylish can make the difference in downloading time. Preferably, a certain graphic should not exceed 12KB.

Layout- Some web design Perugia specialist wants to use old school designs while other want to use out of the box layouts and unconventional designs. But, what matters when it comes to the layout is the actual element of each page.