For ideas on making money on line, here are options you may want to consider.  Please be sure to investigate any project before you make a commitment and understand fully what is required, if there is any investment or fee to be paid and what you can hope to earn.  Check out complaints and or scam reports on anything you consider.  The goal is to earn money and not to waste your own.  There are a host of websites out there that say they will teach you what you need to know, for a fee of course.  If you are an experienced user you may be able to do this on your own without paying a high price.  Have a goal and plan in mind and do a lot of research before you dive in to anything.  Make sure your idea is popular and take a good look at the competition to see what is ranking on Google or Bing or Yahoo.

Affiliate Websites:  An affiliate is a member or representative of a company.  There are a number of affiliate options available. Many companies are willing to pay people to represent them and drive purchasers to their websites and will pay a small commission for each sale.  Stores such as Walmart, Target, Penneys and others have these programs and you can go on their websites and apply to be an affiliate.  If approved, they would provide you with a special link to their company and anytime someone uses your link and makes a purchase you can get paid.  You would be wise to set up your own website to advertise these links, but I would caution not to add too many links to a single website at one time. Google does not like that and can block you.

Amazon and EBay:  These large on-line companies also have affiliate programs that workin a similar manner.  Be sure to read all the rules and make sure you understand how they work and how much you can be paid.  Amazon places a restriction on some things and you cannot sell to friends and family, so be aware of what their requirements are before you get started.  You cans also use Facebook or Twitter or any number of social programs to bring business to your links.

Affiliate Marketing:  This is a very popular choice these days.  Many companies invite you to join their group and participate in advertising and potentially attract new members to their programs and the more people you recruit who join the more money you can make supposedly.  They all have their own programs and guidelines and usually require an investment or payment for training and the use of their system.  Before you enter into any of these, look for Free Trial periods and take the time to look at what they do, how they do it and investigate any reports about the company.  Not all are the same and many are very rigid in their practices.  I will not name any programs here but recommend that you carefully research any that appeal to you.  These take work and do not happen overnight.  Be willing to put in the time and effort to make money.  Be sure to look up complaints and or scam reports on any that you consider.  Since many of these are designed to attract new members just like you, it can sometimes take awhile to get referrals and sign-ups.  If you are in a group with a lot of other people, the members with the best marketing strategies are at the top of the list and you will start at the bottom.

Wealthy AffiliateThis is the Number 1 Affiliate Program on the internet and has the highest success rate.  It was designed by two founders who wanted to design a program for people to start their own on-line business to each individual’s personal specifications.  They provide the ultimate in first class training and tutorials, website development and support and member participation.  Each member designs two free websites, more if they join as Premium Member for a nominal monthly fee and has access to the entire community of members providing advice and support.  With the most comprehensive and honest program available, they do offer a Free Trial for prospective members.  The advantage is that all the state of the art training is included and that alone would cost a lot of money anywhere else.  It is the biggest bang for your buck.  It is an outstanding choice whether you are a beginner or experienced.  If you want to start your own business on the internet, this is the place to do it without equal.  Many other affiliate sites assign you to a sponsor who is supposed to help you but can be difficult to reach.  Here you will have thousands of them available 24 hours a day.  Members include people from all regions, walks of life, age groups and countries.  You are not in a group with others all fighting for the same referrals.  You can develop your own strategies with the help of the founders tutorials and advice from community members.

Paid Surveys:  There are a number of companies that offer this such as Swagbucks, Survey Money, Save the Studentorothers and you can look them up on the internet.  Basically you are asked to evaluate a product or service or program and then fill out a survey about it and get paid with money in your account per survey or gift cards or promotions.  You have to do a lot of surveys to make any real money, but if this is something that interests you, look at the different websites and see what they offer.  A note of advice – Some of these are tailored to a specific age group such as 25-40, so if you are older you may not get many surveys or they may not accept you as a member.  Be sure you read the rules as always.

Blogging:  This is a popular way to make money if you like to write and have knowledge or advice to share.  The field is unlimited.  If for example, you are a fitness buff, you can write a blog about the latest exercises, equipment and techniques and share that on a site that caters to that audience.  Make sure your material is current, accurate and relevant.  Always check your grammar and spelling and draw the reader in with key words and enticing material.  There are blogs for just about any subject, just look them up.  You can also start your own blog about a subject that you are passionate and knowledgeable about.  Wealthy Affiliate again is a great resource where you can develop your own Niche website and create blogs to draw attention to your site.  The blogs today cover the whole spectrum of interests from Child Care, Cooking, Household hints, gardening, pets, fitness and wellness, fashion, hobbies or just about any subject you can imagine.  Do some research on line and see which are the most popular.  There are a number of sites that provide assistance to set up your blog and tutorials on how to do this.You can use your blog to offer and EBook or something else to sell to make money.  If you are using it to review products, be sure to research the latest information and offer something new for the readers to attract them to your site.

Social Media BlogsFacebook is a good place to look for blogs where you can contribute your material.  Look up the subject and decide if this is something that appeals to you.  There are several websites available on line.

Data Entry Jobs:  If you have a computer and can read email, you can easily do data entry.  This can involve copying or typing material from one source into a spreadsheet orother document or screening material for errors or even placing ads on the internet for another company.  Much of this type of work is repetitious and can be tedious. Many of these jobs are offered by agency type firms that register you to do the work and may require a membership or training fee.  The pay varies from company to company so be sure you understand what their rates are and how much and when you will be paid.

Freelancing:  There are a number of freelance sites for data entry, blogging and even virtual assistants and writers.  These sites post job openings for members to submit an application.  Many ask members to take skills tests to show their abilities for job posters to review. You can bid on jobs that you are interested in and pick and choose the ones you prefer.  You can decide what and how much work you want to take.Freelancer, Elance  and Indeed are popular sites.Verify on your own that these offers are legitimate.  There may be registration or training fees.  Make sure your computer has the proper programming and safeguards.

Writing:  If you are good at writing and enjoy a variety of subjects, you may be able to earn money copywriting and or editing documents.  Again this is largely freelance work.  You need to get samples of your work out there and register with sites that are looking for these talents.  Be sure to check your work for spelling, grammar, accuracy and plagiarism.

YouTube and Video Tutorials: Many people create demonstration videos and tutorials to attract customers and earn revenue.  You can create a video about almost anything such as how to make something, repair something, learn to cook something, or sew or train your pet.  There is no limit to the possibilities.  If you decide to do this, visitYouTube and look at what is there and how it is done and get as much information as you can.  Make sure your video is clear and easy to understand.  Be sure to dress appropriately so you will be taken seriously.  Speak clearly in a way that anyone can understand and explain exactly what you are doing.  If the video is poor quality and hard to see or hear, you will not accomplish your goal.  You will need to advertise your product and Facebook and other social media are a good place to start.  Do your research and see what is others are doing.  Many people make money by placing ads on their videos and the more people who watch that ad and buy something the more money you can make.  Check Google Adsense for help with this.

Making your Presentation:It is advisable to set up a website to market yourself.  This adds credibility to you and what you are promoting or selling.  If you have never done this before you can go to Go Daddy or look up how to create a website and look at the different products and companies that will help you accomplish this. WordPress is one program that is easy to use.  Learn as much as you can and look at websites on the internet and see what appeals to you and how they are designed.  Think about what you want to do and how you want to do it and write down your ideas to get started.  This can be the most powerful tool to attract attention.

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