How Smart Phone Functions?

How Smart Phone Functions?

Smart phone means a mobile phone that performs a lot of functions of a computer;normally consist of a touch screen interface, wifi internet access, and an operating system that is able to download running applications.

Smart phone is the latest form of mobile phones. In early age we had the mobile phones which had a black and white small screen. At that time if you have a mobile then you are a modern person. In this age when we have smart phones, your modernism level will increase with the size of your mobile screen, its brand and its advanced functions.

A smart phone have more powerful system, more storage space, wifi options, digital Bluetooth options, web browsing, Facebook, twitter and many more things better then old phones.

Most commonlya smart phone has a touch screen interface. It has only one or two keys. Unlock key and sometime home key. All other functions are done by touching its screen. As I said above a smart phone can perform a lot of functions of computer. Have you ever thought that lots of your daily routine tasks will depend just on a touch of your finger? Here is an android OS based application you can use smartphone as mobile spy app for data backup and location tracking.

There are a lot of smart phones. Like windows phone, android phones, iPhones. The 1st touch screen interface smart phone was iPhone. It was notable because of its large touch screen interface for direct figure input to work.

After iphone android phones came in the field to compete with iphone. HTC dream was the 1st android smart phone. Android allows us to download any application within minutes. These applications made our life very simple and easy.

To compete with both android phone and iphone, windows phone came into field. Manufacturers of windows phone was Microsoft and Nokia mobile phone brand. Windows Phone works with Microsoft services such as Sky Drive, Xbox, and Office etc. We can also use non Microsoft services on it such as Face book, twitter, Google accounts etc.

In start the touch screen of smart phone was not much efficient. It was very slow in speed then now. Moreover at that time only 1 finger touch worked on screen. But now smart phones have multiple touch finger gestures feature.

Smart phones have lot of digital options. For example taking screen shots. Anything you have on your mobile screen and you wanted to capture to keep it save. You just take a screen shot and it will be saved in your gallery as a picture. Well on a funny node most probably it is the most dangerous option of new generation.

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Smart phones have made our life very easy. Now if we have to send a mail. We just don’t need a computer our smart phone is more than enough for this task. More well as you want to visit face book than don’t wait for the time to reach to a computer. Just unlock your mobile phone and enjoy face book. This is not all there are a lot of more option and applications. If you want to explore then must buy a smart phone and make your life easy.

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