Why A Digital Mail Solution Is Imperative To Your Business

Why A Digital Mail Solution Is Imperative To Your Business

Digital mailroom solutions are dominating the way businesses handle their mail. Enterprises are integrating digital mail solutions to lessen the strained burdens of the everyday workload. According to the US Postal Service, 27 billion pieces of physical B2B mail were delivered to companies like yours in 2016. Most inbound paper mail is addressed to a workgroup, not an individual – and demands action or a transaction via an existing digital workflow. A large amount of incoming mail ends up getting hand-delivered not once, but twice – while still on paper. But nobody cares about the article. They care about the content.  Group emails with attached files are, most necessarily, operations and compliance nightmares – incredibly challenging to manage and maintain controls.

If you calculate the time it takes a team of people to process one thousand pieces of paper mail and compare it to how fast an enterprise digital mailroom software program would do the same job, you would be surprised. Where there would be several people working closely together to keep up with the demand, a digital mailroom solution with Eco-Mail allows a company to use zero of its employees to process mail. It could take all day for a mail staff to handle upwards of a thousand pieces of mail, where the digital way would only take a fraction of that time to complete accurately.

The software that runs a digital mailroom quickly and accurately detects, organizes, and routes mail without human handling. This type of software was developed long before the recent pandemic. However, amid this ever-changing crisis, it is imperative to have a solution in place to help prevent the spread of germs.

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When it comes to paper mail, it is easy to see many holes in security. Mail can be stolen, put into the wrong hands, or placed into the wrong slot or pile. When there is less space between the points of collection for every piece, it dramatically cuts down on the potential for security breaches. Eco-Mail digital mail software was created with security in mind. All mail is scanned and tracked to ensure a secured delivery to the correct recipient and then destroyed or locked up and saved.

Every enterprise has a varying degree of needs. This type of software digitizes the whole paper mail process with versatility in stark focus from the beginning. Digital mailroom software shifts and moves in the same flow as the business. Since the platform accommodates a large number of users and profiles, it is simple to add, remove, modify, or keep track of any user.

Eco-Mail has the right answer for any business regarding modern-day technology and digital mail software solutions. As technology continues to evolve and grow, so does every company that depends on it. Join a dynamic team that fights hard to stay fluid and secure through constant changes that present themselves daily.